Ghaith For Drinks and Food is one of a group of Ghaith investment companies. Ghaith Company was founded in 1978 in the city of Hebron to provide hard work and perseverance for the development and improved administration by its excellent staff. It focuses on quality and customer satisfaction and has become one of the first companies that specializes in distributing light drinks and nutrients in Palestine.

Company goals:

  • Our goal is to be one of the best marketing companies capable of continuous progress and development and to provide what is best for the dealer and the consumer together.

Company agencies:

The company’s range of global agencies include:

  • Pepsi for Southern West Bank.
  • Vara Food for Palestine and Israel.
  • Arab Jordanian Company for Palestine and Israel.

In addition, the commercial company Ghaith is the major distributor of many Palestinian, Israeli and Turkish goods. The company has approximately 115 employees and workers dispersed over the it’s facilities and distributors in the divisions and departments.